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CEO John McTighe
John McTighe- Cleaning Expert

Big Fish Service Company Inc.,  was started in 2006, out of the back of a Eagle Summit station wagon, and since then we have grown quickly to a resource for cleaning and maintenance service.  We have a well trained staff of specialists.  Our focus going forward is carpet and air duct cleaning services, however we have the ability to tackle a great variety of cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Services That We Provide

Over the years we found out that people are interested in other cleaning services too.  So our idea was to develop a company that could provide many different cleaning services under one company.  The list of services we provide includes:

  • Air Duct Cleaning– Residential and light commercial air ducts and HVAC systems.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning– Residential and commercial dryer vent ducts. Apartment buildings and condo units.
  • Carpet Cleaning-Homes, apartments commercial and retail.
  • Upholstery Cleaning– Chairs, sofas, loveseats, auto interior upholstery.
  • General Cleaning- Small commercial buildings.

Mr. McTighe, the President, has a history in the cleaning business going back to 1995.  He is extensively trained in the areas of carpet and floor maintenance, janitorial management, service and product marketing as well as residential and light commercial duct cleaning.  Mr. McTighe has written dozens of articles on cleaning and maintenance for a variety of publications and has been featured as an “Expert Author” on

From Mr. McTighe,

 For many years I cleaned all sorts of homes, businesses and facilities of all sizes, learning techniques that I have now passed on to my staff.  This blog is a great way to share my knowledge and experiences, so that you can benefit.

You can visit our services page on our company web site  for a complete services list.

Please take some time and look around.  Many of the posts on this blog are a result of the jobs we have done over the years, with case studies with pictures before and after the job completion.  Lately, we have posted a number of videos using our mobile phones, to demonstrate our cleaning methods and results.  These are some of the best ways to communicate the level of service we strive to provide.

Our service area covers Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding areas within a two hour radius.

Cleaning Products

Along with cleaning services, we sell a number of cleaning and maintenance products all over the United States and even the world! This has come about after trying many, many products over the years, some of which we find work, in terms of cleaning, while some do not work very effectively or at all.  We are able to share our expertise with a retail store location in West Fargo, ND.  The Reliable Vacuum Store is located inside the West Fargo Family Fare Store (formerly Sun Mart) and carries all of the vacuums and cleaning products that we use on a daily basis in the Big Fish Service Company.

A very popular post we have relates to getting out red stains including juice, dye and Kool-Aid from carpets and the product we use.

A Local, Fargo ND Based Company

Our home office and shop locations are in Fargo, ND.  If you need to call or text us for service quotes you can call/text 701-306-7026.

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